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Plumbing FAQs in Plainfield, IL

BNB Rooter Express has the answers to your plumbing questions in Plainfield, IL. FAQ information soon to come.

My Sink Drain Very Slowly, Backs up or Overflows

My Faucet Drips When It is Shut Off or It Won't Turn Off All The Way

My Sink or Lavatory Won't Hold Any Water

There Is a Leak Under My Fixture Drain at the “P” Trap

My Toilet Overflows

My Toilet Has a Very Weak Flush or Doesn't Flush at All

My Toilet Won't Shut Off or Runs For Long Periods of Time

My toilet Turns on by Itself

My Water Heater Leaks or Shows Signs of Condensation

I can't get any hot water, or the hot water doesn't last very long

My hot water system has very low water pressure

My hot water faucets have a foul odor coming from them

My shower or bathtub drains too slowly

When I use my wash machine or flush the toilet, water backs up into my shower or bathtub

The head on my shower drips or leaks

There is water on the floor after I bathe or use the shower

My garbage disposal won't turn on when I flip the switch

When I turn on my garbage disposal, it makes very loud noises

There is a bad odor coming from my garbage disposal

When I run my dishwasher, the garbage disposal, sink or drain backs up with water

When I do a load of laundry, it takes too long for the basin to fill with water

I have a flooded floor every time I use the washing machine

It sounds like a hammer is banging whenever I turn off some of my appliances

I hear water going through my pipes, but I can't see anything and I have shut off all sources of water

The flow from my water filter is too slow or non-existent